Release 4.0!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since release 3 but we are starting to make some good progress. While release 2 and 3 were focused on content, this one will be focused mostly on gameplay changes. We have been tinkering with many ideas since we started this server but it took a long time to polish those ideas and turn them into reality. Please find bellow a teaser of what is currently implemented and being tested. As the number of changes are overwhelming, we need all the help we can get to test them.

The test server will be live next Saturday, February 15. :2594

Weapons will now attack 2 times faster.
Weapons attack speed is no longer limited by increments of 0.25.
Stamina no longer works in ticks of 30. Every point of stamina will now increase swing speed by 0.5%. This means that you will get the benefits of each incremental stam increase.
New swing speed delay cap is 0.75
Weapon swing speed is correctly displayed when hoovering over the weapon.

Weapon swing speed is now automatically calculated based on your stats and swing speed increase bonuses so you don’t have to calculate or guess if the weapon is equiped.

Weapons can have sockets applied to them.
Jeweller orbs will have a chance to add said sockets.
Jeweller orbs can be used an infinite number of times until it reaches the max number of sockets.
A max of 5 sockets will be applied to a weapon.
Getting a higher number of sockets is much harder than a lower one.
Item identification can be used on an item to see its sockets and whats in the sockets.

Weapons have half the damage.
Melee weapons now have stats requirements completely different to Vanilla.
The bigger the weapon is, the more stats are required to wield it.
Stats are based on the type of weapon. Mace fighting weapons require mostly strength, Fencing dexterity while Swords need a mix of both.

Weapon Abilities
Weapon abilities are no longer based on the weapon.
Weapon ability runes are added to the game. They will randomly drop from monsters.
Weapon ability runes can gain experience the same way a player does.
Weapon abilities are different based on the level.
Weapon abilities will now use double the cost of the ability with stamina if there isn’t sufficient mana.

Armor types will now reduce the amount of stamina is lost when receiving damage.
Armor types will now increase the amount of stamina lost when walking / running overweight.
Added official armor type of Stone and Wood
Added new item Orc Mask. High base elemental resistances, only 1 phys resist. Repairable by tailor.
Removed the luck cap of 1200.
Increased loot on high end monsters.

Magic items will now have a different hue based on the number of properties they have and they will be unidentified if they have 2 or more.
1 property – normal hue
2 properties – Titanium
3 properties – Blaze
4 properties – Heaven
5 properties – Survival

Identifying an item will reveal the magic properties and will remove the hue.
Items will also get a name based on their appearance (Evil, Good, Oriental).

Items can be identified in the following way:
Jewls, Hats, Instruments, Leather armor, Bows/ xBows, Scrolls: Item Identification skill or an NPC with the same profession
Everything else: Arms Lore or a Blacksmith
All of the above will be written on the item so you don’t have to remember.

Unidentified items, cannot be used!
If an unidentified item was unsuccessfully identified by a person 5 times, then only an NPC can help.
If an unidentified scroll was unsuccessfully identified, it might just backfire on you! Please be careful.

Removed the splitting of splittable items when in party! No need to drag and drop the gold 4 times just because you have 4 team members.
Removed some more messages stating that a player gained 0 exp.

Changed resmelting requirements for ingots:
Blackrock – 103
Titanium – 106
Blaze – 110
Heaven – 114
Survival – 120

Fixed bug with Doom recipes for Britches Of Warding, Cuffs Of The Archmage, Bracelet Of Primal Consumption, Dr Spector Lenses and Gloves of Feudal Grip.
Also, all of them are now craftable!

Added the following items to the Tailoring crafting:
Krampus Minion Hat
Krampus Minion Boots
Krampus Minion Talons

Mace Belt
Sword Belt
Dagger Belt
Elegant Collar
Crimson Mace Belt
Crimson Sword Belt
Crimson Dagger Belt
Elegant Collar Of Fortune
Assassins Cowl
Mages Hood
Cowl Of The Mace And Shield
Mages Hood Of Scholarly Insight

Ork Mask
Bear Mask
Deer Mask
Tribal Mask
Horned Tribal Mask
Ork Helm

Crafting skill items now give the following bonuses:
Blackrock 3
Titanium 6
Blaze 10
Heaven 14
Survival 20

People will now get 1 extra profession point at lvl 80.
These are the current levels at which you will gain a prof point: 10, 30, 50, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200

Paragons and Super monsters give even more exp.
Poisonous monsters now give more exp.

Colored ore/logs/leather will now give double the experience.
Experience required per level was lowered by about 10% for all levels over 40.

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