1) General rules
1.1 Communication with Staff members must be in a good manner. Any insults, threats, swearing or cursing are strictly forbidden. Decisions of the GM cannot be reviewed. It is forbidden to confuse Staff member, as well it is strictly forbidden to confuse other players by presenting yourself as a member of administration team.
1.2 It is forbidden to use any malware or perform any actions which may interfere with game services. In term of services we understand this means: game server, website, forum, etc.
1.3 Any unauthorized access to any other accounts, characters or players database.
1.4 Any actions witch are not in alignment with law are forbidden. Survival Staff doesn’t take any responsibility on any action’s taken by players.
1.5 If something in game seems too good to be true, it is most likely a bug, and must be immediately reported to a Staff member. If you are unsure if what you have is too good to be true, stop and report to be safe.
1.6 1 Account per person.

Punishment for breaking any of the above rules, depending on how severe, can lead up to having the account banned.

2) Game rules
2.1 Use of any bugs or deviation is strictly forbidden. In case if a bug, error or mistake is detected you are obliged to report immediately to any of the Staff members. Withholding this information regarding errors, bugs or mistakes of game process is forbidden.
Note: The staff holds no responsibility for items, which have been lost due to technical issues, lag or a bug.
2.2 The use of any software not approved by project administration is forbidden. Automation of game process is allowed. It is forbidden to use speed-hacks, dupe hacks or any other action that would not be available to a usual player.
2.3 Phishing, or any other fraud committed to gain control other others account/character is forbidden.

3) Communication Rules
3.1 It is forbidden to insult any one.
3.2 It is strictly forbidden to commit any racist or xenophobic actions including insulting players of other race/culture/religion.
3.3 In case of the breaking of rules 3.1 or 3.2, Staff members can punish the main character and not the character who broke the rule.

4) Rules of macros any usage, and automation of gaming process.
АFK state – State in which your character will not respond on addressing from any of Staff members. Address can be in form of a system message menu, or chat question of Staff members who are within 5 tiles, Character is obliged to react by replying to any of Staff questions, by that proving his presence. If your character will not react as requested in any of cases mentioned above it will be considered as character in AFK state.
4.1 It is forbidden to move in AFK state anywhere except town territory.
4.2 It is forbidden to loot NPC corpse in AFK state.
4.3 It is forbidden to gather any type of resources while in an AFK state with the exception of Wednesday, (Survival macro day)

5) Deletion of non-active characters or accounts.
5.1 Accounts that do not have a character attached to them will be deleted.
5.2 It is impossible to restore any deleted characters or accounts.

6) Events rules.
6.1 Unfair play during Team tournament is forbidden, AFK state while being present on a event, or obvious actions to prevent your team from wining.

7) PvP rules
7.1 PvP is allowed on this server. Griefing is not. Be polite and respectful. Resurrect and help if possible after the act.
7.2 Killing someone in a player owned house is not allowed without their permission.
7.3 Looting someone’s corpse in a player owned house is not allowed without their permission.

8) Discord Rules
Rules of Discord are strict – We can not monitor the chat 24/7 but all lobby chat is logged. If you see people breaking these rules please send us a private message and when we get to it we will handle it. Failure to follow these rules will result in banned from Discord. Discord is a privilege, treat it as such.

Housing Rules
You are not allowed to perform any action on creatures outside of your house, including but not limited to:

8.1 Scamming players through the use of Discord is bannable both in game and Discord!
8.2 Discord is not your personal soapbox – keep the drama in a Private Messages.
8.3 Do not use this channel to produce negative attitudes towards the server/staff/players if you have an issue with the server contact the staff.
8.4 No advertising any other server of any kind this includes script websites.
8.5 Racial slurs are an instant ban.
8.6 Constant Trolling, flaming or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep your childish name calling to yourself.
8.7 Implying that you are staff or Impersonating staff will result in a ban from Discord and could result in a ban from the shard itself.

If you hold any information regarding someone who breaks this rules please report to any of Staff members.
In case any of these rules are not clear to you, or you think that it doesn’t reflect what it should be, or has any gaps by it’s formulation please let any Staff member know.