Easter Long Weekend Event

Hello all players on Survival Ultima Online.
For the upcoming Easter weekend, we will be having an easter egg hunt. Throughout the entire world there will be Easter Eggs scattered around for you all to find and collect. On Easter Monday, you will be able to hand in all you have gathered to a Game Master to collect a special reward!
Another bonus that will be going on during this weekend is the double resources and experience on Easter Day.
So come around and celebrate with us!

Holiday Hide-N-Seek

To all players of Survival, please know that on Thursday, November 16th Hawkeye will be running around the world and hiding.
This event starts at 12PM GMT with the Hawkeye hiding from you all for up to 8 hours.
Hawkeye will be hiding in plain sight, so you will not have to use detect hidden or any other skills or spells. You just have to track down where he is!
When you find him, he will give you a small reward, and then go hide somewhere else.
He will hide in towns, countrysides, dungeons and more!
So log in for this fun 8 hour event and try to find the hidden GM!

October 2017 Pumpkin Hunt

Please note that all the pumpkins have been found. GM Hawkeye will collect the pumpkins over the next day or two, so put in your page stating that you have pumpkins and he will get them taken care of right away for you!

To all players of Survival, please know that on Wednesday, October 18th Pumpkins will be hidden around the world.
This event starts at 8AM GMT with the pumpkins vanishing 24 Hours later. (sorry all there was a typo here)
Seeing as we are in October, our GM team will be hiding 40 special small pumpkins around the world, in towns, dungeons and more!
Your job, is to collect as many as you can before they vanish from their locations forever!
The more you collect, the better your prize will be!
Your prize will be as follows:
Handing in from 1 to 5 pumpkins will get you a Robe named 2017 Pumpkin Hunt
Handing in from 6 to 10 pumpkins will get you the Robe with +10 Luck
Handing in from 11 to 15 pumpkins will get you the Robe with +20 Luck
Handing in 16+ pumpkins will get you the Robe with +30 Luck.
So get out there and find these pumpkins hidden throughout the world on October 18th!

UPDATE: The pumpkins are scattered around the world, but they are not laying out in the open. So search high and low for these bad boys!