Update 1.31

Bug Fixes:

  • Custom leather BODs were shown as UNKNOWN.
  • Paragons were not spawning in Felucca Covetous.
  • Released pets will no longer disappear in many scenarios.
  • Pets will now gain skills. Pet skill gain is very similar to player skill gain in terms of factors. A huge difference is the Thirst and Hunger modifiers. They do not exist for pets. Pets loyalty rating is taking their place.
  • All facets are Felucca so the old Felucca places do not have a double resource gathering bonus.

Update 1.29b

Back from vacation Bug Hunt:

  • Runic hammers had old names.
  • Pack Rat, Pack Horse, Pack Llama and Giant Beetle can now be fully controlled with 0 Animal Taming.
  • Added compressed leather. Takes 100 leather and 10 cloth to craft.
  • Tent now needs 10 compressed leather instead of 1000 leather.
  • Innkeeper logout changed so that it works a lot better. Inns in general will still wait 2 minutes after fighting before allowing you to logout.
  • Removed the “You are still harvesting.” system. Added a brand new one to ensure the exploit is still covered.
  • New Haven mine earth elemental respawn set to 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Lothar Spawn time set to about 1 hour.
  • Fixed another issue with the Quest system.

Update 1.29

Quality of Life:
We now have the first ever PK free zone. All players can safely enjoy the protection of Luna.
Teleport Rope now works when dead.
Emotes are now working. [emote. Have fun.
Added Community Chest.

Balance Changes:
Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard and Ridable Llama now require no Animal Lore or Animal Taming to control. The minimum taming skill was increased to 64.1. This would make the animals a lot more sought after by normal players as they will no longer need to reserve 30 skill points to just purchase a rideable animal from someone.
Spined leather now gives +1 to all resistances.
Stuck Menu will now always send you to trammel.
Felucca Covetous now has Paragons.
Updated Teleporters. Removed most from the Despise Felucca dungeon.
Public Moongate will now bring you to Trammel locations and due to popular demand, Luna.

New Quest Chain was added. Seek Bartok the Bounty hunter in New Haven.
New named monster was added with special ability and unique loot.
Tailoring instructor was added along with a tailoring quest. Seek Tayla in New Haven.
Added Felucca Despise Dungeon.
Added Felucca Covetous Dungeon.
Added 4 new Unique Items
Bug Fixes:
Latest Iteration of the quest fixer. Let me know if you are still having issues. It is very important that we solve this now.
Pack Rats spawn fixed.

Re-factored the Experience reward system from quests. Most exp was left the same. I just updated the system.

Update 1.27

Bug fixes:
Lothar was not affected by undead slayer.
Added Lothar to Fey vs Undead opposition group.
Crafting experience was incorrect when resource was not of main type and an actual resource was selected.
Removed the crafting of basic gold ring and gold bracelet. All the other jewelry that require a jewel of some sort are still there.

After some testing, the previously increased price of jewelry was too high. Halved the price. We will adjust this again if need be.
Gargoyle pickaxe now works similarly to the prospector tools.
Salaenih’s Solen Warrior quest exp reward increased to 2500 from 500.

Update 1.26

Bug Fix:
Level Gump hidden size.
Huge mining exploit fixed.
Tents can now be placed in Trammel.

Most elf items are now available to the human race.
All elf armors were rebalanced. They have approx. -1 Phys resistance compared the human counter part. +4 elemental resistance to compensate.
Bulk Order Deeds now give on average 2.5 times less gold.
Blacksmithing BODS can now be obtained with a min skill of 50.0
Tailoring BODS can now be obtained with a min skill of 32.1. This will be changed to 50 when the Tailoring Instructor will be introduced as he will provide accelerated skill gain.
Oil Cloth is now available at 41 tailoring.
All jewelry had their price increased by a factor of 8-10. This means that players can now sell them to NPCs for a decent amount.
Book of Bushido price decreased from 5k to 2.5k.

Elf start is now possible.

Quality of life:
You will no longer lose stamina if the monster you go through has 5 times less dex or str than you.
You now get double bolts when crafting them.
You will now get a “You are already harvesting.” message if you try to harvest before the first time expired instead of starting the process from the beginning.
You will now get mining animations for the entire duration of the mine process instead of just 1.

Update 1.25

Flax Crop will now state when you have 0 chance of harvesting.
Hargrove quester can now walk.
Lumberjacking apprentice quest added. Look out for the Jade in New Haven !
Sleen Clock bug fix, now gives a lot more exp.
Brigand life is now full when using the trade system.
Treasure maps bug was fixed.

Update 1.20

Hirelings now give 50% experience to their masters if the masters dealt at least some damage. You still get 100% if you dealt more damage than your hireling.

Reagent Crops, Flax and Cotton minimum skill was reduced to 35 from 41.

Pack rats were added. Spawned in a few places around trammel. 29.1 Taming required.


Update 1.19

I am happy to announce one of the bigger patches we’ve had in a while. Feel free to leave comments bellow, like and share ! You can also subscribe to our updates mailing list.

Cotton Crop, Flax Crop now require 41 minimum tailoring, Harvesting odds have been revisited.
BloodMoss, Garlic, Ginseng, NightShade, Mandrake seeds are now obtainable from Evil Mages and Evil Mage Lords. Their fighting skills are low, hp is too but please be aware of their magical prowess! The drop chance is about 1 in 10.
All of the above have a growing time of 6 hours, 15% to get another seed and 10% to uproot the crop. Reagents require either 41 Magery or 41 Alchemy to harvest. All of the above seedlings will take a minimum of 48 hours to grow into proper crops.

Female Leather chest now gives 4 Physical Resist. No elemental resists and requires 40 Str to wear.
Female Plate chest now gives 13 Physical Resist. No elemental resists and requires 156 Str to wear.
Female Studded and Hide Female Chest chest now gives 5 Physical Resist. No elemental resists and requires 70 Str to wear.
Leather Bustier Arms and Leather shorts now give 2 Physical Resist. No elemental resists and requires 24 str to wear.
Leather Skirt and Studded Bustier Arms now give 3 Physical Resist. No elemental resists and requires 36 str to wear.

Prospector Tools now give 35 uses.

Titanium lower requirements bonus decreased from 15 to 12.
Blaze 20 to 15.
Heaven 20 to 17.
Due to high emphasis on strength requirements, the lower requirements magic property became extremely valuable. This means that it is now between 3 and 30. That plus the Survival Ore bonus, makes lower req have a max of 50.

Thrasher mini boss now has a less random HP of around 980.

Elder Gazer now drops gazer eye. Odds 1 in 75.
Gazer now drops gazer eye. Odds 1 in 150.
Gazer Larva now drops gazer eye. Odds 1 in 300.
Frost Troll now drops troll blood. Odds 1 in 75.
Troll now drops troll blood. Odds 1 in 150.

Brigand Camps will now give you more time to clear them. You will have 15 minutes instead of 5 to kill them all and access the sweet loot. Don’t forget to get all the jewels!

Customizing your house now costs significantly less.

Blacksmithing BODs now give tinkering power scrolls too. The one you get is random.
110, 115 and 120 Blacksmithing and Tinkering power scrolls were added to the BOD Rewards.
Blacksmithing and Tinkering PowerScroll can no longer be obtained from Champion Spawns. Sorry to all the ZERO players on the server that could clear them out.
2nd Level of the artisan profession now gives a hidden bonus of 2% Blacksmithing and Tinkering.
4th level 4%
5th level 5%
The following magic crafting items were added. The magic items required to craft them will most likely change for the higher tier ores but everything else should remain as it is.
Blackrock Tinker’s Gloves (+3 Tinkering). Requires 100 Blacksmithing to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Blackrock Miner’s Pickaxe(+3 Mining). Requires 100 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Blackrock Smith’s Hammer(+3 Blacksmithing). Requires 100 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye

Titanium Tinker’s Gloves(+6 Tinkering). Requires 105 Blacksmithing to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Titanium Miner’s Pickaxe(+6 Mining). Requires 105 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Titanium Smith’s Hammer(+6 Blacksmithing). Requires 115 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye

Blaze Tinker’s Gloves(+9 Tinkering). Requires 115 Blacksmithing to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Blaze Miner’s Pickaxe(+9 Mining). Requires 115 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Blaze Smith’s Hammer(+9 Blacksmithing). Requires 115 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye

Heaven Tinker’s Gloves(+15 Tinkering). Requires 124 Blacksmithing to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Heaven Miner’s Pickaxe(+15 Mining). Requires 124 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Heaven Smith’s Hammer(+15 Blacksmithing). Requires 124 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye

Survival Tinker’s Gloves(+18 Tinkering). Requires 135 Blacksmithing to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Survival Miner’s Pickaxe(+18 Mining). Requires 135 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye
Survival Smith’s Hammer(+18 Blacksmithing). Requires 135 Tinkering to craft. 15 Ingots, 1 Troll Blood, 1 Gazer Eye

Garden Deed can be crafted using a carpentry tool. It requires 65 carpentry and 65 tinkering. 2000 boards and 150 iron ingots for the chest and nails. It can also be purchased from a carpenter for 50k gold.

Rolling Tent has been added to the game. It has a secure storage similar to garden deed but higher capacity, provides instant logout and looks really nice. You can craft the tent using a sewing kit. It requires 65 tailoring and 65 tinkering, 1000 cloth, 1000 leather and 100 ingots for the chest. You can also buy it from a tailor for 50k gold.

Titanium, Blaze, Heaven and Survival minimum mining skill has been changed to 100, 105, 108 and 114 respectively.

Update 1.15

Removed skills from Gloves of Mining and Ancient Smithy Hammer
Added a lot of uses to ancient smithy hammers.
Updated max intensities of iron ingots.
4 hours time between NPCs BODs will be kept up to 90.1 BS/Tailor so people can get more BODs.
Overall hours increased by 1.
Updated chance for colored BODs.
Updated chance for LargeBODs so that they are given at 90.1 BS/Tailor.
Updated Rewards. Removed PowerScroll 20,15,10. Only 5 left.
RunicHammers usages is 22 – resourceType * 2… Bronze = 20, Silver = 18..
RunicSewing kit usages = 15 – resourceType * 4… 11, 7, 3…
Fixed bug where incorrect ore names were displayed for BODS acceptance and BOD items.

Update 1.14

Fixed crafting menus displaying wrong items. (Found mainly in the leather category for tailoring.)
Crafting EXP bug fix.

Allowing players with old clients to connect for up to 1000 days :). I want to allow people to use older clients but the warning should still be there as there will be quite a few artifacts due to older graphics or static placements. Be Warned !

Double arrows from single shaft !
Luck can now increase the maximum number of properties found on monsters.
Changes to Blacksmithing and Tinkering so that iron and the rest of the metals have the same look and text.
Resources re-balanced a little bit.

Update 1.13

Harvest System added !
You can now plant Cabbage, Carrot,Lettuce, Onion Corn, Cotton and Flax. Seeds can be bought from Farming hands.
We also have 3 types of plantable trees. Peach, Apple and Pear.

You can also plant Reagents !!! All seeds can be planted in fields like the ones found near Britain or in New Haven or in private gardens. Thank you Whisper for the idea. We will be testing the system over the coming week and tweak it as necessary.

Update 1.12

Tamed, provoked and summoned creatures now give their master experience upon killing another creature !
Lothar now gives armors with +2 str and weapons with +25 damage increase !
Fixed bug where pitchers could not be filled from water barrels.
Removed a small bit of gold from Ettin’s drop.

Update 1.09

Added Lothar. 20% chance for a random piece of armor with +1 str. 10% chance for a weapon with 15% Damage Increase. 10% chance for a magical ingredient.

Shortblade made for humans.
Removed most talismans from dropping. Quests that do give a talisman will now give a whooping 1k gold instead.
Exceptional bonus for weapons and armors significantly lowered.

Update 1.08

Completely Revamped the ores. Only bronze and gold remain, but only in name. The new line up is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Toxic, Blackrock, Titanium, Blaze, Haven, Survival. You can find additional info on the wiki.

Updated Blacksmithing, Tinkering, Armors, Weapons, Colored Anvils, Elementals, Large BODs, Small BODs, Masonry, City trade agreements. This was a very long day.

Update 1.06

Mining minor bug fix.

Minor on death exp loss bug fix.

Removed all paragons from Trammel. They are just too powerful for the start of this server. Don’t worry, they still exist on all other facets !

Removed the possibility of creating a female char as their items were not fully balanced in line with the rest.

Updated the experience gain message. (Small typo 🙂 )


New unique earrings added.

Increased the bonding period process.

Update 1.05

Removed Paragons from New Haven.

Increased the level difference in player party for experience gain from 5 to 10. This will allow more people to play together without any exp gain penalty.

Decreased the exp gained by 10% for each player in the party. The person that did most of the damage, gets the original amount.

Increased the colored ore bonuses to weapons and armors.

Fixed issue with mining veins not spawning.

Increased shovel tinkering requirement to 35.


Update 1.04

House prices increased in line with all the other items.

Re balanced skill gain across all base fighting skills to ensure that they are equal.

Tested and reworked skill gain from 0 to 101.

Added Paragons to trammel.

Removed spell book with spells circle 1 to 4 from the rewards.

Reworked Arms Lore bonus for exceptional. From 35% base and Arms Lore/20 (Total of 40% at GM Arms Lore), it was changed to 15% base and Arms Lore / 5 (total of 40% at GM Arms Lore), making arms lore a much bigger factor.

Added the Annoly quest.

Update 1.03

Experience loss on death set to 20% of your current level.

Minimum animal taming requirement for horses is now 49.1

Changed the Escutcheon De Ariadne shield (Parrying quest reward) to be a buckler. Metal Shield had too high of a strength requirement.

Modified magic earrings chance to defend and chance to hit.

Added the perfect hit bonus property for magic earring.

Update 1.02

Fixed Magical earrings damage nullifying bug.

Fixed double damage bug when being attacked by certain monsters.

Added more rabbits in the Haven area for the rabbit quest 🙂

Modified the brigands quest to accept normal brigands available in Haven instead of the human brigands available in Bucs Den.

Removed Chaos and order shields from drops and increased their base properties.

Added jeweler in Haven.




Update 1.01

Fixed stats and hits display on the Level gump.

Disabled Insurance.

Removed Termur from the gateway.

Removed murderer restriction from using the gateway.

Added option to modify hitpoints from the level up gump.

Chruchill instructor experience reward is now in line with the other instructors.

Fixed bug with being unable to complete quest.